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About Us


More than three decades of excellence in custom miscellaneous and light structural metal products

Established in 1993, FG Metal manufactures custom miscellaneous metal and light structural products in stainless steel, bronze, aluminum, finished steel, and steel alternatives. Wholly owned and operated by original founder, Jim V. Granata, the FG Metal team includes some of the most experienced and capable experts in the field. Our thirty plus years of experience enable us to take on the most complex and challenging projects in the industry. FG Metal is the go-to company for steel projects that require ingenuity and creative problem-solving. And, our reputation for premium quality has earned us a number of awards and accolades in Canada and the United States.


FG Metal is at the forefront of new technologies that are revolutionizing the metal manufacturing industry. Add our extensive knowledge and experience in the field, and we are uniquely positioned to drive more nimble, productive, efficient and well-managed projects.

FG Metal's research and development efforts have led to numerous innovations in metal construction, including the use of alternative materials such as FRP, that mimic or improve upon the properties of steel.


We recognize that we have an obligation to minimize our impact on the environment while producing world-class metal creations. We are committed to the sustainability of our business and are working to do our part in the global fight against climate change.

Shrinking our footprint

We work to make efficient use of energy, minimizing greenhouse gasses and pollutants. We do this through efficiencies, green choices and through the use of innovative technologies. For instance, we are powered primarily by clean natural gas and hydro-electric power. Our plant is strategically located within short distance of our employees and many of our projects. We recycle 99% of our scrap steel. And, we are constantly innovating to develop longer-term technology breakthroughs that reduce our environmental impact.


We are dedicated to protecting the privacy of all individuals and organizations we do business with. We respect all applicable laws on privacy and have appointed a privacy officer, Pat Grassi, who can be contacted at pat.grassi@fgmetal.com.


We are honoured to have been recognized by our peers for several projects, including:

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